How To Plan A Party For A 5 Year Old


Even though many consider planning a birthday party for a child to be an overwhelming task it does not necessarily have to be so because children will be happy with any type of celebration as long as they are made to feel on their big day. Thus, instead of overcomplicating the planning process one can follow the tips mentioned below to ensure a smooth sailing.


The first step in organizing the party would be to discuss with your child whether they wish to have a themed party or a basic birthday party because a themed party would require food, entertainment and decoration to follow the theme. If the child is facing some difficulty in coming up with a theme some ideas would be to use the child’s favourite movie, book, sport or even a color as a theme.


At this age as children would not wish to spend a long time sitting and eating one should make sure to serve finger food that the children like such as mini pizzas, sausage rolls etc. One can opt for a table rental Hong Kong to be used as a place to serve the food.  Furthermore, for a special treat one can opt to have a candy floss machine or even a pop corn machine for the children to enjoy.


If the child wishes to have a magician, clown or even a petting zoo at the party one should make sure to reserve them early as popular acts such as these are booked months early. Furthermore, one can also organize some games for the children to play such as treasure hunts or one can also utilize a fine catering furniture rental service to hire equipment needed to play musical chairs. Moreover, one can also arrange for classic games such as hide and seek or duck, duck, goose.


When it comes to a 5 year old one need to spend a lot of money on exotic decorations as the child would be satisfied with simple balloons and a banner wishing him/her a ‘Happy Birthday’.

Party Favours

If a themed party is hosted one can give themed party favours. If, not one can either give sweets or even toys which would considerably cheaper if purchased in bulk.

No matter how overwhelmed you may feel at the idea of planning a party, your ultimate goal is to make this an unforgettable experience for your child. Thus, by following the aforementioned tips one can make sure to throw a party which your child and friends would enjoy and find to be memorable.